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Selecting the right home builder software system to help you and your team members control and document all the change orders that are generated during the home building process is an important task. With the proper web-based software system, the home builder’s employees and sales agents can submit customer change order requests which can be approved by the appropriate team member or manager.

All changes and upgrades to the home building project will be recorded and time stamped online, in real time, and then passed on to the team member which is in charge of the construction project. This process will help eliminate errors and costly mistakes which may also delay the project’s completion date.

Once the requested changes have been approved by a team member or manager, the request form can be printed and signed by the homebuyer. The team member can also use the software system to send an email notifying all parties of the newly approved changes to the home building project. The changes can also be updated and reflected in job’s worksheet and used to revise the job’s budget.

Project change orders, when processed correctly and efficiently may become a great way of generating additional revenue and profit for the home building company. That is why it is so important to find a home builder software which will integrate, track and automate the change order management process.

The absence of a proper change order management system or process will ensure project delays and big headaches for home builder and the home buyer, not to mention all of the team members which may be out-of-the-loop during the project. A home building software system that is equipped with a change order management process should enable the employees and managers to initiate, process, log and track the status of all the company’s change order request saving time and money in the long run.


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