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Free Home Builder Prospect And Home Management Software

Free Home Builder Prospect and Home Management Software

Many home builders may shy away from the free home builder prospect and home management software systems because the systems may appear to be to good to be true. But there are many types of free software systems and applications that will avail the home builders to some good prospect and project management capabilities. All though the functions on these software packages may be limited, they are still a good find for web-based home building project management.

These software systems will help the builder manage and keep track of the entire construction project's data including the lot inventory info, prospect information, project milestones and task. These web-based home builder software systems will offer a free project management solution - the realtors and home builders are able to manage key areas of their day-to-day operations and benefit from the software's extensive prospect and home management capabilities.

The prospect management portion is a web-based prospect management tool - a CRM which may be used by the realtor or home builder's sales agent. The free prospect management tool is a web-based integrated marketing and sales system which is equipped with automated lead conversion capabilities. The sales agent prospect management software can be used as a sales and marketing tool to store, track and view all of the prospect's information including visits, surveys and sales contracts.

Our free home builder prospect and home management software also features a job management dashboard that can provide the employees and managers with all of the construction project's information needed to track and manage the construction and homebuilding process. All team members who are assigned to the home building project will be able to stay “in the loop”, in turn cutting down on costly errors and mistakes. The team members and team managers can also access the home's dashboard in the during the work day in the field, where they can edit and update all of their projects information in real time.


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