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Home Builder Image and Photo Management

Home Builder Image and Photo Management

As with the home building documents, home builders will also collect multiple types of images and job progress photos which will need to collected and stored during the construction process of the home building project. As usual the question will continue to be - what is the best way to manage all of these job photos? The home builder will need to find a photo and image storage place which will be accessible to their customers and all of their employees that are working on the projects.

The storage location is going to have to be a central location which has security levels which will allow access to the people which are associated with the home building project. The home builder and project managers may consider using a web-based photo and image management software system. The proper software solution will help the home builder streamline their image management process which may help to improve communication with their homebuyers and company employees.

Web-based image management capabilities will enable the home builder to sort and file their home's photos and images online - the builder and his employees will have access to the images at any time and from any location. The builder’s customers and team members will be able to share the home's photos online and view them during all phases of the home building process.

Web-based photo management software will enable the builder to file, organize, and view the images with just an internet connection. The web-based virtual file cabinet and online interface will enable the builder and his employees to file, access, organize, and share all the home's photos and images in one central location.

By employing a web-based photo management and sharing software, the team members will be able to upload, share and view all the home's images from any where - with just access to the internet. With this system - all of the home builder's customers and employees that are involved in the project will have everything needed for the creation and management of the images.

With a web-based photo management system, the team members will be able to upload and manage photos of the home plan, color selections, upgrade products and much more - all parties will total access to manage and view the project's images.

Home building teams that use manual and paper-based image management processes may soon realize that such a system is going to be inefficient, costly, and will not be maintainable in the long run. The inability to properly maintain and manage all of the home's photos and images may cause a bottleneck effect in the photo storage and management process - the home builder may be able to elevate this problem by using an online photo and image management and storage system that can provide a central repository to file, organize, and view all of the project's images - in a protected and efficient manner.


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