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Home Builder Warranty Software

Home Builder Warranty Software

After the new home is finish and turned over to the homeowner, it's a good idea to have a system to manage the warranty and customer service request. You can have a totally content and happy customer turn into an unhappy customer very quickly if their warranty and customer service request needs are not met in a timely and professional manner.

That is why it's wise to invest in a good, easy-to-use web-based home builder warranty software system which can be used to track and manage all of the requested service items.

You will need a total integrated warranty service follow-up program with pre-establish customer service and warranty checklists. With the right software and a click of a button you will be able to record the service request and issue a new service work order which can be directed to the vendor or sub-contractor and customer service manager.

The service manager can review and analyze warranty request by job, category or subcontractor. The system will track the customer service request and seamlessly route the warranty items to the right people.

The customer service managers will have instant access to the latest service request, and the requested items will never be dropped or lost. The builders and managers will also be able to monitor all service request activities and follow-up to assure that the requested warranty item are proactively being pursued and completed.

A good web-based home builder warranty software will manage and document all changes made on your home's warranty and customer service request. When the service manager or homeowner makes a change to the warranty request, the system will automatically capture the user's information, timestamps the service request, and document the work order in the system, creating an audit trail and providing accountability for all customer service managers. The system will also enable the service manager to assign specific warranty items to team members, subcontractors and vendors.

To save you time and money the homebuyer will also need to have access to the service request through a customer service dashboard which will provide a detail view of the progress and information on their home's warranty request. The homeowner will be able to submit new warranty request, communicate with the service team members and view the progress and status of their customer service and warranty request.


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