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Home Building Project Management Software

Selecting the right web-based home building project management software will enable the home builder’s managers, employees, homebuyers and sales agents to access and manage all the project’s information including; options, color selections, change orders, documents, buyer payments, progress photos, construction status, tasks, schedules, email communications, warranty request and more.

Options and Color Selections – When managing the home's options and color selections, a web-based software system can be one of the best tools used, these applications will provide the home builder along with their design centers with an online option preview and selections management process.

Change Order Management - A home building software system that is equipped with a change order management process should enable the home builder's employees and managers to initiate, process, log and track the status of all the company’s change order request saving time and money in the long run.

Document Management – Web-based document management will help the builder store, organize, view, and modify files with just an internet connection. The virtual online storage file cabinet and web-based interface will enable home builders to store, access, organize, and share all the company's files in one central location.

Job Progress Photos - By employing a web-based photo management and sharing software, home builders will be able to upload, share and view all the home's images from any where - with just access to the internet. Customers and employees that are involved in the project will have everything needed for the creation and management of the home’s photos.

Homebuyer Web-portal - The buyer’s dashboard will give the customer 24/7 access to all their home’s information including; home options, color selections, documents, payments, progress photos, building status, email communications, warranty requests and more.

Warranty Request - With a click of a button, home builders will be able to record a new service request and then issue service work order which can be directed to the vendor or sub-contractor and warranty manager. The system will then track the customer service request and then seamlessly route the customer service items to the right people.

The proper home builder software is a valuable toolset because it empowers you and your team members in the most important areas of your home building business. Developers who subcontract construction projects can also benefit from our extensive project management capabilities.  All of the project's data is stored in a centralized, industry standard SQL database.

Web-based home building management systems will document all the changes made on your projects. When the team member makes a change to the home building project, the systems automaticly captures the user's info that made the change, timestamps the activity, and documents the change within the system, creating an audit trail and providing accountability for all team members.

The software system will allow the home builder and project supervisor to manage any of their home construction projects. The system will also enable the builder to assign specific tasks to team members, subcontractors or vendors.

Also featured are project dashboards, which will provide the team members with all of the needed information needed on a specific homebuilding project. Everyone who is assigned to the project can stays “on the same page”, thus reducing costly mistakes and errors. The supervisors and project managers can use the project's dashboard in the field, where they can update the information in real time.

The homebuyer will also have access to a project dashboard which will provide a detail view of the progress and information on their home building project. The Homebuyer can communicate with the team members, see all of their to-do tasks, access the payment reminders, view project documents including their sales contract, home worksheet and color selections. They can also view their project's photos and submit and track the progress of customer service warranty requests.

By selecting a home building software system that includes a buyer’s web-portal, the builder will have the ability to eliminate errors and avoid customer conflict saving time and money. This is all done by giving their customers 24/7 access to their home’s information and documentation.


Information & Pricing


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