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Web-based Prospect Management Software

A web-based prospect management software or CRM, is an important part of a home builder’s or land developer’s project management process. The prospect management tool, a web-based integrated marketing and sales software system with automated lead conversion is a sales and marketing tool which can be used by the home builder's or developer's sales and marketing team.

With a prospect management tool, the sales teams will have a complete view of all their prospect's information which is invaluable to doing business. A software application which will give managers and sales teams a powerful sales and marketing advantage. These systems also have customer and contact management capabilities that will enable the employees capture and organize information about contacts and other topics which is needed to track, manage, and create reports on prospects and customers.

A prospect management software will enable a builder's sales team to track the prospect's inquiries and seamlessly route the qualified leads to the right people. The sales associates will have instant access to the latest prospects and leads which will never be dropped or lost.

These systems will enable the sales associates to print letters and labels for individual or mass mailings. The home builder, land developer and team managers will have the ability to manage and over-see all of sales associate’s activities and follow-up with the team members as needed. This will assure proactive marketing and selling of the homes.

The sales associates will also be able to assign a prospect rating based upon a survey which will determine what brought the prospect in for a visit to the community. The prospect management software will then accumulate these marketing answers which will produce reports that can be used by the builder or developer to determine the ROI on all the marketing expenditures. The sales associates can also enter the prospect's comments and notes within the system and assign pre-determined marketing campaigns to each prospect based upon their rating.



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