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Selecting the correct web-based home building software solution to manage home building construction projects is a very important part of developing a project management process. A web-based home builder software solution which will allow managers and employees the flexibility and freedom to manage their home building projects from anywhere – at any time, which is key to success. A software solution that will also help to track and manage prospects and warranty customer service request. Also, a home building software solution that is either free or has little or no start up cost – a system in which the price is based upon the number of homes built – a small one time per-home-fee. For more information, check out the list of home builder software solutions below.

Home Building Project Management
Home Building Project Management Software The proper web-based home building management software will help you keep track of all your project's information including your; home and lot inventory, project milestones, customer documents, home progress photos, task and schedules, customer payments and buyer options and selections. The right home builder software is a valuable toolset because it empowers you and your team members in the most important areas of your home building business. A web-based software will offer you as a home builder a complete project management solution.

Prospect Management Software
Web-based Prospect Management Software - With the right prospect management software tool, your sales and marketing team will have a complete record of all of your prospect's information which will enable your sales team to do proactive marketing and selling of your homes. A web-based prospect management software system will enable you and your sales associates to easily; manage the prospect's information, track the visits to the community, send out form letters and emails, write sales contracts, produce marketing reports and graphs and much more.

Home Builder Warranty Software
Home Builder Warranty Software - We have a total integrated warranty service follow-up program with pre-establish customer service and warranty checklists. With the right warranty software you can click a button and record the service request which will issue a new service work order request that can be sent to the vendor or sub-contractor and warranty service manager. The warranty service manager then can review and analyze the warranty request which will be listed by job, category or subcontractor. The warranty software will then track the customer service request and seamlessly route the service orders to the right people.
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